Look Out Online

Always be on the look-out for illegal wildlife products online. Whether it’s an ad on an e-commerce site or a post on social media, sellers are inadvertently contributing to the extinction of endangered species by promoting the sale of their products. Here are some common species and items to look for.


Elephant ivory products

Bangles, carved figurines, antique netsuke figurines, beaded jewelry, carved and whole tusks


Rhino horn Products

Pills, powders (dry), raw horn, libation cups, beaded bracelets, and other carvings


Tiger Products

Bone wine, teeth and claws (fashioned into amulets and pendants), bone pills, furs and taxidermy, penis and other body parts


Marine Turtle Products

Sea turtle shell, tortoiseshell tea caddies, meat and eggs, sea turtle skin leather


Pangolin Products

Pangolin leather products, raw or dried scales, tonics and pills, taxidermy


Live Animals

Endangered species of live animals that are listed on CITES Appendix I including some parrots (e.g., African Grey), reptiles (e.g., radiated tortoise), primates (e.g., slow loris), and big cats (e.g., tiger).


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