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The Coalition Partners

Alibaba, Artron, Baidu, Baixing, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Huaxia Collection, Hantang Collection, Instagram, Kuaishou, Kupatana, Mall for Africa, Leboncoin, letgo, Microsoft, OfferUp, OLX, Pinterest, Qyer, Rakuten, Ruby Lane, Sapo, Shengshi Collection, Sina Weibo, Sougou, Tencent, Tortoise Friends, Wen Wan Tian Xia, Zhong Hua Gu Wan, Zhongyikupai, Zhuanzhuan and 58 Group

Convened by WWF, TRAFFIC & IFAW


Shutting down global online illegal wildlife trade requires an integrated, international solution. WWF, TRAFFIC and IFAW are collaborating with companies across continents to unite the industry and maximize impact for reducing wildlife trafficking online.  

The Coalition is convening dialogues to share lessons learned and best practices. As wildlife experts, WWF, TRAFFIC and IFAW also provide companies with updated global and regional trade trend data, training materials, policy guidance and educational information for users to help spot illegal products.



The Coalition has set a bold goal of reducing wildlife trafficking online by

80% by 2020.

This includes not only wildlife products such as elephant ivory, tiger claws and pangolin scales, but also live animals for the exotic pet trade such as reptiles, birds and big cat cubs.


To meet this ambitious target, Coalition members agree to a multifaceted approach, acknowledging that there is no one solution to shutting down online trade routes for wildlife cyber-criminals.

Partner companies agree to:


Have clear, comprehensive and enforceable wildlife trade policies in place

Develop a tailored Company Action Plan with the Coalition to meet the 80% by 2020 goal

Enhance staff ability to detect illegal wildlife products

Roll out user awareness raising materials and citizen monitoring programs to mobilize the public to do their part to stop wildlife trafficking online

Collaborate with the academic community and other companies to advance automated detection for identification of endangered species content across online platforms

Participate in Coalition meetings and events, share learning and best practices with Coalition members, and consider long-term options for sustained reduction in wildlife trafficking online

Our Wildlife-Friendly Online Trade Harmonized Policy


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